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Our events through the years...

Since 2005, The Friends of Beattie-Powers Place has been presenting music, lectures and educational workshops in its intimate, historic setting. The aim has been to serve a cultural and programing need for the village of Catskill and surrounding area. Over the years, how our calendar has grown!


Thanks to donor support, in 2019 we offered nearly 35 events at low or no-cost, for the enrichment and enjoyment of the community. We've presented performers such as pianist Dan Tepfer, saxophonist Noah Preminger, saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh with bassist Matt Penman and drummer Billy Drummond,  and young talent from the Bard Conservatory Vocal Arts Program under the direction of opera legend Dawn Upshaw. Our lectures have included topics and experts such as landscape design with Peter Bevacqua, expert beekeeping with Linda Aydlett, and  Major League Baseball history with John Thorn.

Everyone is welcome, and our audience has grown along with our calendar.

While the pandemic has obliged us to rethink our events, we're working to safely present online and distanced programming.


In the meantime, take a look back at some of the artists and experts who've delighted our audiences over the years!

Dan Tepfer, Pianist. Dawn Upshaw and students from the Bard College Vocal Arts Program. The Florestan Quartet. Students from The Orchestra Now. Noah Preminger, Tenor Sax. Sebastien Cornut, Pianist. Peter Bevacqua, Landscape Designer. Domanas Karalius, Pianist. Bruce Barth, Pianist. Sean Smith, Bass. Bard at Beattie. The Raman Quartet. John Thorn, Official Historian of Major League Baseball. The Vassar String Ensemble. Planet Arts Jazz. The Honorable George Pulver. Jr., Greene County Judge. Alex Turnquist, Guitarist. Historian and Preservation Law authority Ted Hilscher. Michael Benedict, Vibraphone. Charles Stein, Poet. Kelly Knox, Cellist. Dongsuk Shin, Harpsichord. Robert Kelly, Poet. The Lucky Devils. Robert Clyde Anderson, Landscape Architect. Heather Grimes, Garden Design. Linda Aydlett, Beekeeper. Sheryl Cassidy, Saxophone. Bob and Johanna Titus, Geologists. Jim McNeely, Piano. Martin Wind, Bass. Maryna Kysla, Pianist. Michael Ives, Poet. The Hudson River Consort. Liz Pulver, Landscape Architect. Larry Federman, Audubon Society. Tyler Horsley, Landscape Architect. Tim Kennely, Gardening Expert. Sophia Zhou, Pianist. Flo Hale, Vocalist . High Peaks on the Hudson. The Hudson Consort.  Gary Smulyan, Saxophone. Hailey McAvoy, Mezzo-Soprano. The Neave Trio.  Lizabeth Malanga, Vocalist. Dan Kirkhus, Photographer. Veronica Chewens, Photographer. The Vivid Shades Woodwind Quartet. Sara Tuttle, soprano. Scot Moore, Violist. Mayumi Tsuchida, Pianist. Avery Morris, Violinist. The Lyra Quartet. Ivan Renta, Sax. Edsel Gomez, Pianist. Scott Petito, Bass. Rachel Z, Pianist. Mine Cinelu, percussion. The Broquio Trio. Adam Romey, Bassoon. Jeremy Vigil, Pianist. Bard Conservatory Trio. Sylvia Gorelick, Poet. Clare Daly/Roberta Picket Duo. Diana Moser, Pianist. Elisabeth Woodbury Kasius and Heard. Jong Sun Woo, Pianist. Gary Smulyan, Saxophonist. Pete Malinverni, Pianist. The Rhys Tivey Ensemble. Jack Ketchum, Author. Michael Bukhman, Pianist.

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