Thanks to our Angels!

Our heartfelt thanks to our donors who have provided us with vital support for 2021 during our Angel campaign. We could not do this without you!


Alan Gosule and Nina Matis

The Bank of Greene County

Richard Philp


Heart of Catskill Association (HOCA)

Fortnightly Club of Catskill

Guterman Foundation

Ann Miller and Stuart Breslow


Duke Dang & Charles Rosen

Tom Gibson

Robert Hoven & Wayne Holmen

David King

Greg Powell

Linda Aydlett

Nina Sklansky

Martin & Robin Smith

Mathew Talomie & Michael DeLellis

Bob & Joanna Titus

Nancy Ursprung

Rotary Club of Catskill

Todd Whitley & Gary Holder

Heirs to the Estate

Ava Barbour & David Christofferson

Diane & Carlos Dunn

Teri & Paul Echaniz

Marie & Manny Greco

Rita Landy

Lisa Fox Martin

Ronnie McCue

Laura Morgan

Shelly Pulver

Nancey Rosensweig & Dan Arshack

Pat Ruck & John Delaney

Rickey Shaum & Ricky Lark

John Thorn

Special Friends

Gil & Mary Ann Bagnell

Tom Bonville

Eileen Gallagher & Steve Horniac

Michel Goldberg

Richard Gromeck

Brendan Kelly & Conrad Hanson

Hilary Hillman

Abigail Miller

Frances Spark

Winnie Thorn

Sara & Barry Wolven

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