Welcome to Beattie-Powers Place! 

Since 2005, the Friends of Beattie-Powers Place has transformed what had become a neglected site into an inviting oasis. Walk, picnic, enjoy the well-tended gardens and winter sledding. Choose a bench and take in the changing seasons, the Hudson River and Rip Van Winkle Bridge. Looking East across the river, enjoy a magnificent view of Olana, home of Hudson River School painter Frederic Church. Open dawn to dusk, the park is open to all, year-round.

We hope to see you soon!

Beattie-Powers Place has received a Regrowth and Capacity grant from the New York State Council on the Arts. This grant will support the organization’s ongoing Concert Series for 2023, as they continue their ongoing recovery from pandemic challenges.

We are go grateful for the strong support from the State of New York. It will give Beattie-Powers a chance to plan our events months in advance. With this opportunity we are planning to produce popular events that will draw large diverse audiences. 


Concerts & lectures in a unique setting

Spring through fall, Beattie's intimate parlors have hosted live events for the public. Fans of jazz, chamber music, and bluegrass can enjoy first-rate concerts by renowned artists and brilliant students. Ideas are discussed, too, with talks by experts on topics such as landscape design, preservation and baseball history. With the pandemic, we are currently providing public programming via online and distanced events. Please click here for recordings from recent events on our YouTube channel.


The temperature and trees are beginning to remind us that fall is here. After a trying summer, we are welcoming the change and getting ready to enjoy events again at Beattie-Powers. Thanks to all of our generous donors, we have raised $16,745.00 to date on our GoFundMe campaign. As promised we have spent that money on a new heating system. Below is a list of all our known donors in alphabetical order.

Thank you to all of you!!!

Peggy Ahwesh & Keith Sanborn

Padma & James Armata

The Bank of Greene County

Ava Barbour & David Christofferson

Sarah Barker

Chris Baswell

Mabel Bermejo & Matt Hill

Michael Black

Susan Bodo & David Behl

Stuart Breslow & Ann Miller

James & Micaela Bulich

Maureen Byrne

Sandro Cagnin & Wheelock Whitney

Juan J Carretero

McWillie Chambers

Billie & Larry Chernicoff

Ann Cooper     

Michael DeLellis & Matthew Talomie   

Dimensions North

Carlos & Diane Dunn   

Duke Dang & Charles Rosen

Paul & Theresa Echaniz

Eileen Gallagher & Steve Horniac

Tom & DiAnne Gibson

Marie Greco

Rodney Greenbladt & Deena Lebow

Marie Gryphon

Adrianna Haas

Greg Hamm & Andrew Buema

Grant Harders

Hollis Heimbouch

Tyler Horsley

Robert Hoven & Wayne Holmen

Tom Illari

Elisabeth Kent

Bob & Lynda Knighton

Rita Landy

Ricky Lark & Rickey Shaum

Laurie Law

Jay Lesenger & Hudson Talbott

William McCann

Margaret McCornock

Ronnie McCue

Nina Matis & Alan Gosule

Deborah Mintz

Laura Morgan

Margaret Nowack

Tamara O'Bradovich

Stephen Petronio & Jean-Marc Flack

Michele Pulver

Cyndy Putorti & Ken Tsukada

Ed Rothfarb & Thomas McManus

Karen Rothmyer

Pat Ruck

Richard Saja    

Martina Salisbury & Franco Gotte

Sean Sawyer & Michael Susi

Nina Sklansky

Robin & Martin Smith

John Sowle & Steven Patterson

Robert Spain

Frances Spark & Michel Goldberg

Traci Terrick & Thomas Sterrs

Winnie Thorn

Robert & Johanna Titus

Kathy Velis Turan

Nancy Ursprung

Stephanie & Pat Walsh 

Todd Whitley & Gary Holder   

Mark Wunderlich

And a number of Anonymous Donors