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The East Side National Historic District

Catskill’s East Side National Historic District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982, is located East of the Catskill Creek to the Hudson River. The district contains over five hundred commercial, residential, governmental and religious structures, and has both architectural and historical significance. Cedar Grove, the Thomas Cole National Historic Site, is located in the district, as well as the village’s remarkably intact Main Street. As recently as the 1940s, Main Street was a bustling commercial strip. The Susquehanna Turnpike Road (chartered in 1800), began in Catskill, including Main Street, and ran to the Susquehanna River, with other branches from Cooperstown, NY to  Chesapeake Bay, MD. 

Significant buildings in the district are the Neo-classical Greene County Courthouse, fine examples of bank buildings ranging from 1819 to 1930, the first Greene County Courthouse and a great variety of residences built mostly in the Italianate style. Beattie-Powers Place, included among them, is one of the earliest residences built overlooking the Hudson River. 

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